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Journal Rappé Special

Founded in 2013 by Xuman and Keyti, two leading rappers in Senegal, Journal Rappé is a news broadcasting programme where presenters and correspondents rap the news stories. This combination of a history of hip-hop and the opportunities of new technologies constitutes a key example of the vibrant creativity but also of the social commitment of youth in Senegal. Its transmedia format, disseminated across multiple platforms (radio, TV and the Internet) offers a space where to contest hegemonic media and political discourses. It has fostered a new “citizen-artist journalism” with in-depth commentaries on political, social and economic issues, that challenges the boundaries between art, activism, journalism and digital media.

Through a thorough curation of news concerning the Senegalese population, particularly, Journal Rappé re-claims power through the creation of power from alternative media, through music, digital media and activism. Finally, it reflects on the impact this rapped news broadcasting programme has been having and the kind of topics addressed in order to counter-act the mainstream Senegalese and “Western” media hegemonic discourses.

As a part of the Münchener Biennale 2020, Journal Rappé proposes 10 daily live episodes plus one final performance on the last day of the BIennale. Centred on Africa essentially, each episode will discuss a topic related to the continent, going from politics to environment, youth, development, etc. That unique platform will give the two rappers the opportunity to share their vision of a vibrant, fast-growing, multiple-challenges facing continent while keeping the satirical and irreverent formula of the show.

Language: English, French, Wolof
Duration: ca. 50 minutes

Coproduction of the Munich Biennale with the Music In Africa Foundation
In cooperation with the Siemens foundation
Funded by the Goethe institute

Partners and Sponsors